I spent the morning at @virginactivesa in Constantia, Cape Town recently to do some yoga and learn about some of the measures Virgin Active is taking to tackle their waste and carbon footprint – one health club at a time.

As an organisation that promotes health and well-being, I believe it is essential that Virgin Active takes responsibility for their impact on the planet because you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet. Just the same, in order for each and everyone of us to be able to do our small part, we need to take care of our mind and bodies too!

There is no denying that the climate and ecological crises that we face, is going to take unprecedented action from everyone: government, corporates and individuals alike.

But seeing corporates take the lead by making ambitious targets like Virgin Active gives me hope that we are on the transition to a more sustainable and restorative tomorrow.

Watch the video below and be sure to keep an eye out for these changes that Virgin Active are rolling out to all 138 gyms across South Africa in their mission to reach net-zero waste, water and carbon by 2030!