Sarah Robyn Farrell

Writer, environmental communicator, musician and socio-environmental activist 



As a writer, environmental communicator, musician and activist, I dedicate my work and art to the pursuit for a more sustainable and just world. I am not disillusioned nor married to the outcome of “saving the world” but believe that every action to build a better world for all is a worthwhile one. I am passionate about addressing the intersections between environmental injustice, and all other forms of social injustice. You can read about my take on intersectional environmentalism here.  I am also interested in addressing the disconnection to nature and community that humanity has come to suffer from, largely as a result of white settler colonialism and unregulated capitalism. 

Some of my recent work and activism experience includes:

– Founder of transparenCI, a boutique environmental communications firm
– Volunteer co-ordinator / adult support driver of African Climate Alliance
– A lead organiser in the major climate protests in Cape Town in 2019
– Work with NGOs including Fossil Free South Africa and 350 Africa
– Writing work for a number of online platforms including Twg Mag, Three Mag and the Sustainability Business School in Switzerland

On this website, you will find a collection of some of my work: blogs, articles, music, and videos. If you are interested in working with me, you can download my CV and get in touch with me at 

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