I recently had a visit from fellow communicator Lee Rael of Seed, a creative studio dedicated to sustainability. As part of his work Lee hosts the Seedpod, “A podcast dedicated to the South Africans shaping the country through entrepreneurship, sustainability and design.”

I was happy to be asked by Lee to feature as a guest on the podcast, to chat about what sustainability means to me, as well as my work as an environmental communicator, activist and musician.

Rather than discussing surface-level issues, we went deep from the get-go, covering everything from the whitewashing* of sustainability, to the fact that sustainability is already inherent in indigenous and traditional cultures, to dealing with ecological grief, to what we can do as individuals to exercise our collective power in the face of climate crisis.

I must be honest that I am nervous to share this. It is an honest and open conversation that reflects my journey of where I am at as an imperfect, white privileged environmental activist who is trying my best to address the roots of the social injustice at the heart of the climate crisis. I don’t proclaim to know it all or to have all the answers. Only that I’ll do my best until I know better…then hopefully I’ll do better.

Take a listen:

*whitewashing, in this case, refers to the erasure of people of colour in the media and other spaces by focusing on a white-dominant narrative and ignoring other perspectives.