As has been the case for many, the global pandemic brought me much pain and loss, and the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve been and will continue to do with my life. The loss of my mom led me to take a bit of a hiatus on my writing work, and focus on the only thing that makes sense to me in times of pain and chaos: music. In March 2021, I released my first single, Love in our Hearts, a song inspired by the idea of shared humanity in a time of increasing social tension and ecological decay. A song dedicated to a revolutionary kind of love.

My second single, Hibiscus, comes out on 21 May, and I can’t wait for it to be out in the world! It’s been an amazing experience to pursue music more seriously, and I truly believe in its power to start conversations, grow socio-environmental awareness, and heal our spirits.

I took a big risk funding my first projects out of long-term savings, and now, if you believe in this work, and would like to be part of the journey, I’m asking for your help so I can make more music! 

You can become a monthly patron for as little as $3 a month (roughly R45) which will give you access to various perks such as behind-the-scenes content, live streams, short essays, and early access to my upcoming releases and events. If you’d prefer, you can also make a one-off donation to my back-a-buddy

20% of any funds raised will be going to Mining Affected Communities United in Action (with their consent, of course) as part of a broader commitment to reparations and wealth distribution. MACUA is a powerful movement of mining-affected communities united around the empowerment of women, the disabled, and youth. Their work is so important and I implore you to support them irrespective of if you can also support my music.

I really wish making music in late capitalism wasn’t so expensive and it is with reluctance that I am launching this funding campaign, knowing the economic difficulties people face. But if you can, and have the desire to support me on this journey, I would truly appreciate it!

all my love,


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