Who made my clothes? What’s in my clothes? Who made my fabric?

Three questions posed as part of international Fashion Revolution Week! A week dedicated to coming together “as a global community to create a better fashion industry.” Though only a week, Fashion Revolution is a movement that exists outside of seven days and the movement poses important questions we should never stop asking. No one should have to die or suffer for fashion, no culture or community should be exploited for fashion, climate targets shouldn’t be missed for fashion, deforestation shouldn’t run rampant for fashion, and our rivers shouldn’t run blue with toxic dyes for fashion!

Because clothes mean a lot to me, I believe we should still be able to celebrate and express ourselves through ethical, sustainable and thrifted fashion alternatives. (And that all of these options should be highly accessible to everyone!)

In light of this important week, here is a list of some of my favourite fashion-focused accounts, followed by my Instagram guide that unpacks this week and the impacts of fast fashion.

Fashion-focused accounts to follow

  1. @fash_rev
  2. @fash_rev_southafrica
  3. @cnscs_
  4. @celinecelines
  5. @ajabarber
  6. @twygmag
  7. @mrspress
  8. @stella_hertantyo
  9. @coconut_cracked
  10. @dominiquedrakeford
  11. @consciouslifestylecollective
  12. @slowfashion.movement
  13. @thesustainablefashionforum

Fashion Revolution Instagram Guide