I’ve been meaning to put together a blog on some of the reflections I have taken so far from the COVID-19 crisis, how it has further exposed inequalities and a flawed global system, as well as how it intersects with the planetary crises we are facing. But to be honest, despite taking a 21-day social media sabbatical, my head still seems to hurt – a lot – every time I try to distill my thoughts.

So, for now, I decided to share a list of ten of the key readings, webinars and podcasts I have been consuming in the hopes to share some of the pieces I have either learned from or related to in some way:

(Disclaimer: I don’t necessarily fully agree with every single sentence or statement made in every one of these pieces but I think they all make incredibly important, salient points that are worth looking into).

1. Covid-19 is nature’s wake-up call to complacent civilisation by George Monbiot

2. The Heated.Word Climate and Covid-19 Podcast series (it’s 6 parts but so far…)
Episode 1: Bill McKibben • That which doesn’t kill you makes you smarter
Episode 2: Kate Aronoff • It’s a great time to be evil!
Episode 3: COVID-19 and climate justice with Anthony Rogers-Wright

3. “Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

4. The Daily Maverick Webinar with Kumi Naidoo and Mary Robinson: Climate Crisis in the time of Covid-19

5. Arundhati Roy: ‘The pandemic is a portal’

6 Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus 

7.The Solution to the Coronavirus Recession Is a Global Green New Deal

8.Pandemic gives us a last chance to avert climate – and social – catastrophe

9.This Is Not the Apocalypse You Were Looking For by Laurie Penny

10.Charles Eisenstein – The Coronation