Today for world ocean’s day I shared some of my favourite ocean-minded organisations while asking others to share theirs. Here are 10 of them:

The Beach Co-Op

The Beach Co-Op is an organisation on a mission to “eliminate, reuse, redesign and recycle single-use plastic, which often lands up in our oceans and on our beaches.”

They work with single-use plastics at all points of the value chain with the aim to keep South Africa’s beaches clean and healthy, empower coastal communities as guardians of our oceans, and address issues around single-use plastic from design to consumption with a focus on building circular economies.


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Waves for Change (W4C)

“W4C provides a child-friendly mental health service to at-risk youth living in unstable communities. Through access to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a provision of weekly Surf Therapy sessions, W4C gives children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.”


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Sea the Bigger Picture

Sea the Big Picture is a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation with a focus is on coastal environmental education and ocean pollution awareness.

Their hope is “to defend South African waters and beaches against marine litter through education, beach clean-ups and corporate engagement.”

Their Defenders of the Blue school program works through collaborative clean up initiatives, informative talks and dedicated efforts to find alternatives to single-use plastic.


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Oceano Reddentes

Oceano Reddentes is an organization started by teen Jade Bothma when she was just 12 years old. Her mission:  “Saving the sea one piece of plastic at a time”, with a strong vision simultaneously build homes for those in need using eco-bricking and natural building.


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9 Miles Project

9 Miles Project  “works with youth in coastal informal settlements and provides mentorship and support to the at-risk youth in the areas of Cape Town, Elands Bay, and St Francis Bay.”  Their mission: “through the provision of supplementary education, literacy classes, learning adventures, life skills and leadership training, including sports (namely surfing) 9Miles Project creates sustainable opportunities that engage, uplift, equip and empower impoverished and high risk youth from coastal informal settlements and communities.”


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Ocean Pledge

Ocean Pledge is an organization aiming to turn ocean awareness into action through research, education and work with restaurants.


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Argonaut Science

Argonaut Science is a small South African science company, addressing innovation, industry, professional development, and education. They believe that science and exploration belongs to everyone. Their Mission: “to create a space where people can explore their natural environment in many different ways (i.e. scientifically, statistically, emotionally, visually, immersively) and to facilitate knowledge exchange between all stakeholders and interested parties.”


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Future Kids

Future Kids is the brainchild of 11-year-old Rocco who aims to “help kids and adults to learn how to look after the environment and how to recycle.” Youth are encouraged to join the Future Kids club and commit to being someone who:

    • does not litter
    • will pick up litter as it is seen– even if it’s not your litter
    • Recycle at home and school
    • Join the Future Kids on clean up days.
    • are kind and helpful to others
    • spread the word about recycling


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I am Water

I AM WATER (International and based in SA) provide global opportunities to engage and educate ocean-users with the world beneath the waves in order to understand their personal opportunity to protect the planet. Their mission is to help people fall in love with the ocean through transformative ocean experience.


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SASSI which stands for Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative was established as an extension of WWF South Africa to drive change in the local seafood industry by working with suppliers and sellers of seafood, as well as informing and inspiring consumers to make sustainable seafood choices.



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